Patients Desire Follow Up

Urgent care visits don't have to stop when patients leave the office

We have patient monitoring algorithms for the most common Urgent Care diagnoses.


Patients see a provider at an Urgent Care Practice.

Care Gaps

Time passes where patients and doctors are unable to connect.


Stand out amongst your competition by connecting with your patients after the visit.

How It Works

Patients are signed up during their visit for the appropriate care module.The urgent care team monitors the patient 7-14 days after the visits through a dashboard and risk prediction algorithm which shows patients who need further follow up before landing in the ER.

Improved Outcomes

Decrease Costs in the Continuum of Care

New Revenue

Most patients are willing to pay extra for this monitoring at the point of service.

Proactive Patient Monitoring

Understanding the current health status of your patients is integral in the delivery of care. We provide a more continuous stream of information for your clinical teams, without extra hassle.

Patient-Generated Data

Our pain-free website allows patients to track key health metrics between visits.

Risk Analysis

We automatically process the data using our propriatary risk analysis algorithms.

Focused Interventions

We give clinical team members new insights for proactive care decisions.

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